MacCormick was mandated to develop and implement a plan to preserve and respect the local culture and history for its mining client.


In accordance with IFC’s Performance Standard 8, the framework recognizes the importance of cultural heritage for current and future generations. Consistent with the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, this Performance Standard aims to ensure that clients protect cultural heritage in the course of their project activities. In addition, the requirements of this Performance Standard on a project’s use of cultural heritage are based in part on standards set by the Convention on Biological Diversity.


MacCormick custom designed a plan for local implementation of this practice. The history of the local culture, which MacCormick researched extensively, was used in the design and training of many management systems and tools throughout the organization for the mine project plan and and development of the mine, including human resources, operations, dealing with third-party contractors, legal and financial aspects of the project.


Implementation of this plan included the development of a “Social Event” tool. This protocol was in case anyone across the mine should identify an event that may impede or disrespect the cultural practices or historical context of the locally impacted project affected persons (PAPs). For example, drillers stumble on ancient artifacts while unearthing the project site or a farmer’s cows wander into the mine permitted area. These training and the management tools were designed to create policy, value systems and protocols for these types of incidents which could impact both the population and the project.


MacCormick was engaged throughout 2013 on this mandate as one part of a larger mandate.


MacCormick worked with its own in-country consultants, corporate team and was an integral part of developing the client’s in-country CR team.



MacCormick’s work resulted in substantial risks being averted. Mine plans were changed as a result of some of the otherwise unknown impacts that resulted from this study, which could have impeded the entire mine operation.