MacCormick was mandated to develop and implement a plan to protect both the company and the community from any human rights violations as a result of security enforced action in relation to mine development.


In accordance with the United Nations Voluntary Principals on Security and Human Rights (UNVP) the plan was custom designed for the client’s unique local situation utilizing a set of principals designed to guide companies in maintaining safety and security of their operations within an operating framework that encourages respect for human rights.

The Voluntary Principles are the only human rights guidelines designed specifically for extractive sector companies. Participants in the Voluntary Principles Initiative – including governments, companies, and NGOs – agree to proactively implement or assist in the implementation of the Voluntary Principles.


MacCormick custom designed the policy and operating procedures to embed within the Operations management system. A training program was delivered for the clients in country teams across departments and for their third-party security contractor staff.


More than 30 employees and ambassadors of the program internally were trained in the implementation of this program.


MacCormick was engaged throughout 2013 on this engagement as one part of a larger engagement.


MacCormick worked with their own in country consultants, corporate team and was an integral part of developing the clients in country CR team to manage and implement this program.


MacCormick’s work enabled the client to avert potential risks and human rights violations and assign themselves as signatory members of the framework in compliance with the conditions.