MacCormick’s objective was to develop a reporting framework for a mining client’s community programs.


Social performance measures how well an institution has translated its social goals into practice. Social performance is measured through the principles, the actions and the corrective measures implemented. Social performance, thus conceived, precedes impact and leads to impact. Measuring social performance implies evaluation of principles, actions, outputs, some elements of outcome, and corrective measures.


MacCormick was able to ascertain a reasonable socio-baseline and community needs assessment with access to relatively current public information. This identified retroactive changes to the baseline and impacts as a result of the client’s inputs over the previous two year period. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were developed for each of the existing programs referencing international best practice frameworks and respecting local customs and culture.


Upon engagement of MacCormick, the client had more than 8 community projects funded, developed and operating with little or no record of the amount spent or diagnostics. In addition to the development of a reporting framework for these projects for the client’s monitoring and evaluation purposes, MacCormick developed a Community Development Strategy for the client to inform their future decisions on where to invest in the community based on SROI or Social Return on Investment while making risk mitigation a priority.


MacCormick was engaged in 2011 for 4 months on this project – 3 weeks in field and the remainder was desktop reporting and working remotely with the local team.


MacCormick worked with the client’s in-country CR team to train them on the development of the reporting framework and maintaining the content for KPIs overtime.



MacCormick’s work enabled the client to maximize the value of their community investments, meet international benchmarks on reporting standards, and generate recognition from the investment community by their ability to quantify their impact and efforts in this regard. MacCormick created a tool for the client to track and manage their community investment impacts and trained the client’s in-country CR team.