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MacCormick is led by a team of global advisors who are sector and subject matter experts.

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Sir Mark Moody-Stewart

John Harker
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What We Do

MacCormick has been dedicated to the global resources industry since its establishment in 2009. Combined, our directors and executive team lend more than 100 years’ experience in both the Mining and the Oil and Gas industries.

For nearly a decade, MacCormick has been providing expert social management advisory services for their Mining, NGO, Financial and Government clientele around the globe.

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Select highlights of MacCormick’s Global Project Experience

In 2012, MacCormick released the world’s first Social Performance Index (SPI) which measures company’s social performance against international standards and in correlation to their financial performance. Initially, the SPI was offered as a free publication.

In 2017, MacCormick will release the digitized and enhanced version of the SPI which will be made available by subscription to content. Learn more about the upcoming edition of the SPI.

Mission, Vision, Values


To influence, From Intentions to Impact™, responsible mining practices globally in accordance with international best practice standards.


We envision MacCormick’s SPI as the ultimate standard for third-party validation for social performance criteria across frameworks and industries.


MacCormick will conduct their business responsibly at all times by aligning their strategies and operations with many global best practice frameworks. We will deliver superior quality service to our clients without compromising our firm’s integrity or values.


"MacCormick’s SPI is a very comprehensive rating system for ESG performance of mining with a particular emphasis on social performance. It is the most comprehensive and systematic rating system that I have seen and they are continuing to develop it."

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart

Chairman, UN Global Compact

"The ability to connect and create a partnership with local communities is the single most important relationship foundation a mining business can create in terms of establishing a long term sustainable venture. The MacCormick Team understands this imperative and is building the expertise to help put good ideas into action, on the ground, where it counts."

Mark Cutifani

Mark Cutifani

CEO, Anglo American

"The MacCormick SPI is an idea whose time has come. You couldn’t have done this five years ago you would have had a bunch of zeroes. The time is ripe for people to appreciate the value of this kind of index."

Jamie Bonham

Jamie Bonham

Senior ESG Analyst and Manager of Extractives Research, NEI Investments

“MacCormick guided our ability to engage our local communities at the earliest stages of exploration through to project development which led to excellent community relations and clear understanding of benefits for residents and the company, improved project design, reduction of costs, water for community use and minimized social impacts.”

Dwayne Melrose

Dwayne Melrose

President, Former CEO & Director, True Gold Mining Inc., now Endeavor Mining

“MacCormick IMC developed a Social Management System for our development-stage mining project in Burkina Faso, West Africa. I found Bonnie demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism and produced an integral set of products. All deliverables were on time and on budget and exceeded all expectations.”

Ian Cunningham-Dunlop

Ian Cunningham-Dunlop

VP Exploration, Newcastle Gold Ltd.

“Bonnie Lyn is a progressive forward thinker, a knowledgeable professional and a leader for the resource industry in promoting innovative, practical Social Responsibility programs.”

John Pollesel

John Pollesel

Senior VP Mining at Finning (Canada), ex-COO North Atlantic Vale, ex- COO Inco.

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